Italthai Industrial sets sail to lead ‘Road Construction’ market launching “Power Curbers & Power Pavers” to attract Thai contractors.

Italthai Industrial sets sail to lead ‘Road Construction’ market

launching “Power Curbers & Power Pavers” to attract Thai contractors.


Italthai Industrial is actively gearing ahead to lead the road construction market through the introduction of the US’s leading brand “Power Curbers & Power Pavers”, aiming to penetrate all types of road construction from local works to mega projects with unique positioning “Lower Investment Cost – Lower Wages – Less Time-Consuming”, which successfully meets the needs of Thai contractors by more than 50% and results in increased efficiency of handover. The launch undoubtedly strengthens the multi-brand strategy and is expected to push this year’s revenue by 40% as planned.

Mr. Adis Peukpattanaruks, CEO of Italthai Industrial Co., Ltd, disclosed: For the 2nd half of 2018, Italthai Industrial plans to boost sales in the road construction segment, which is obviously a huge market with widening opportunities. Extensive nationwide road expansion is driven by continuing investment in road construction as a result of the government’s economic development plan as part of Thailand’s logistics infrastructure development strategy.

Italthai Industrial has a broad spectrum of heavy machinery products for all types of construction. Our new flagship products – the US’s leading brand “Power Curbers & Power Pavers” along with other global heavy machinery products such as Volvo ABG asphalt paver, motor graders, soil compactors will undoubtedly serve comprehensive road construction needs from local streets to superhighways.

The launch of ‘Power Curbers & Power Paves’ is perfectly in line with the company’s strategy in searching for the right solution for each target group and setting up multi-brand sales teams to meet every need of construction from mega projects and government projects, mining and quarrying to road construction. The company aims to achieve 40% revenue increase from the previous year.

Power Curbers and Power Pavers are ideals for road paving, shoulder paving, curb barrier, waterways paving including super-elevation paving with precision and the absence of string lines, significantly reducing labour from 40 people to 4 people for each type of concrete flooring – a new solution for the current workforce shortage situation. Furthermore, the performance of concrete roads constructed by Power Curbers and Power Pavers have passed the International Roughness Index (IRI) as required by the Department of Highways. This will not only ensure that the contractors will deliver concrete roads with certified ride quality pursuant to the standard of the Department of Highways, but will also increase operational management efficiency and deliver higher returns.