Founded in 1955 from a strong friendship between Dr. Chaijudh Karnasuta and Mr. Georgio Berlingieri, ITALTHAI Group has grown to be one of Thailand’s leading conglomerate today.

Its businesses extend across various industries namely construction machineries, engineering services, hospitality, real estate development, restaurants, and trading. The group employs more than 5,000 employees in 7 countries across Asia Pacific. ITALTHAI pride itself as a group of professionally run yet privately owned companies, where personal relationship between colleagues and business partners is equally important as business results. With a history of more than 60 years of business excellence, ITALTHAI is ready to rise to a new height under the leadership of Dr. Chaijudh Karnasuta’s grandson, Khun Yutthachai Charanachitta.

Company Milestone


In 2015, Italthai Group celebrated its 60th anniversary, which signifies the dawn of a new era toward prosperity with stability based on our core businesses as well as our strong corporate culture accumulating over 60 years. Henceforth each business group under Italthai Group will be ready to propel the group forward to become the leading Thai conglomerate in Asia.

In the next 5 years, we have set our growth target to be double in sale in every business group with long-term strategic plan. Some strategies such as portfolio consolidation, geographic expansion, customer-centric solution and operation excellence will be implemented in order to gain competitive advantage resulting in more comprehensive products and services. With this plan, we’re very confident that Italthai Group will advance towards the future with strong and sustainable growth.



To be a Thai prominent business developer and service provider that perpetually thrusts for viable business frontier, valued by all stakeholders.


  • To yield optimum valued benefits to stakeholders.
  • To cater unparalleled quality products and services and always exceed customers’ need & expectations.
  • To render business direction/supports and promote long-term development to all subsidiaries based on good governance and business viability.


Provision of value is one of the primary duties of Italthai. Results of value must be comprehended and visible all through the chain of business operation.

Value is defined primarily on
1 ) “Value to the business”
2 ) “Value to the organization”
3.) “Value to the individuals i.e. employees”

Results of value shall be consistently assessed and continued to increase to ensure that the organization is always at the leading edge. It should also be added where it’s absent as well as fueled where appropriate to ensure the increase in stakeholders benefits and loyalty of customers. However, value must be derived and learned meticulously so that it is ever-relevant to market changes and demand.

At Italthai, we believe in alliance through partnership. Business synergy and fruitful solutions will be derived base on long-term and successful alliance initiated. Italthai will grow together with its partners, internally (with its employees) and externally (with other stakeholders) with unity. Partnership will be based on professionalism, good governance, and integrity. As such, collaboration stemming from common goal(s) shared will lead to the optimization and sustainable growth of the organization.

Providing “commitment” to all stakeholders is a testament of the pure virtue that Italthai and its staffs must demonstrate. It commits to look after stakeholders benefits as well as to promote trustworthy and reliable image of the corporate to all target audiences. The organization and its people shall also commit with determination to fulfill and exceed beyond what’s expected, both in terms of personal career goal as well as the organization business goal.

Energy is the paramount important driving force of the Italthai. It shall be established as a fundamental spirit of the employees as well as the organization. As its meaning implies, it is a force that ignites the power enabling the corporate to be vibrant with full passion, ready to grow, compete and excel. With such energy, the organization and its people will look forwards and strive to grow. It is also the passion energy that connects the Italthai employees to business, works, and operations enabling them to be initiative, progressive, and constructive in dealing with change.