news 15 Nov 2015

Region APAC celebrated 60 years of success for Italthai


Volvo CE’s longstanding dealer for Thailand, Italthai, celebrated 60 years in business with a lavish event and expo at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre on April 28. 

Italthai is a highly diversified group, with interests in real estate, hospitality, food and beverages, as well as a large construction and industrial division, of which Volvo is the flagship brand.

Volvo CE machines were displayed on the largest stand inside the exhibition centre, while outside several additional units were used to stage a live demonstration for guests. The demonstration was coordinated by Volvo CE’s regional headquarters in Singapore and involved a mix of wheel loaders, wheeled excavators and tracked excavators performing a variety of duties and showcasing the speed, versatility and close control of Volvo machines. 

The demo show with Volvo machines outside the exhibition centre attracted lots of interest among the around 800 guests that attended Italthai’s anniversary.

The event also marked the official launch in Thailand of the EC300DL excavator. This was commemorated in an eye-catching on-stage ceremony with Yuthachai Charanachitta, group CEO of Italthai Group, and Vincent Tan, president of Volvo CE’s Asia-Pacific operations, turning a giant key to prompt the unveiling of the previously covered EC300DL.

Vincent Tan paid tribute to Italthai and pointed to a bright future for the company and Volvo CE in Thailand.

“Italthai deserves to enjoy its 60th birthday celebrations and we’re proud that the company has been representing us here for over 50 of those years,” he said. “During its time as a Volvo dealer Italthai has worked hard to build a good customer base with a strong customer support operation, in line with the expectations for all Volvo CE dealers. There have been ups and downs in the market here and while the market is currently flat, there’s still a huge amount of development planned in Thailand and I’m sure that will deliver stronger sales for Italthai and Volvo CE in the years to come.” 


Vincent Tan (centre) together with Roger Tan (right) handed over a plaque as a gift from Region APAC to Italthai Group ́s CEO Yuthachai Charanachitta (left). The goldfish on the plaque symbolizes an abundance of wealth while the lotus is a symbol of purity.

Aside from showing machines, the Volvo CE stand included a small store, with a range of company-branded products, including the popular Lego model of the L350F wheel loader. The Italthai Technical Academy also had several Volvo simulators on display, allowing visitors to test their skills in a range of operating scenarios for the company’s excavator, wheel loader and articulated hauler product lines.

Italthai was formed by two friends in 1955, Thai national Dr. Chaijudh Karnasuta and an Italian, Georgio Berlingieri. The company began representing Volvo CE as its exclusive dealer for Thailand in 1963. 


Italthai flexed its muscles and displayed a large number of Volvo machines at the exhibition including the new EC300DL excavator. 

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