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Students Awarded Gold Medal at the 64th Annual National Student’s Arts and Crafts Competition with Plan BEE


In photo from left: Ms. Lisa Thomas, Director of Corporate Social Responsbility, ONYX Hospitality Group; Ms. Jirrapinya Mamart (5th grade), Ms. Pechlada Kanantai (6th grade), Ms. Artitaya Hempitak (5th grade) from Baan Nai Nhang School in Krabi; Ms. Thaveerut Charupatanapong, Executive Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer of ONYX Hospitality Group


Bangkok, 9 March 2015 - Following the launch of Plan BEE Rural Beekeeping project in Krabi by ONYX Hospitality Group Foundation in 2013, the students of Ban Nai Nhang School have taken the initiative a step further and developed a local project using the honey harvested from the Asian Honeybees, wining first a regional level competition before competing at a national level in Bangkok.


In November 2013, ONYX’s Plan BEE Rural Beekeeping was introduced aiming to help conserve Asian Honeybees by raising awareness amongst the younger generation about the important ecological role bees play in the environment while also generating extra income to alleviate poverty in the community. Ban Nai Nhang School and the residents of Baan Khao Kram were the first to be engaged in the project.  They were provided practical training and start-up tools.


ONYX is proud to announce that a group of young students at Ban Nai Nhang has created more buzz with Plan BEE by winning gold medals at the 64th National Student’s Arts and Crafts Competition which was recently held in Bangkok with their project called “Amazing Skin with Honey”. The students started working on a project in March 2014 by utilising the honey and beeswax harvested from the school’s hives and local ingredients such as coconut and rice to produce handmade skin care products such as soaps, body wash and body scrubs during their free time. With the help of their teachers, they also designed and made their own packaging.  In September 2014, after winning at the provincial competition with their project, the students went on to win the top prize at the regional competition.  With support from ONYX Hospitality Group Foundation, a group of 3 students and their 2 teachers traveled to Bangkok to participate in the 64th National Arts and Crafts Competition organized by the Ministry of Education and won the runner-up Gold Medal for the project in the 4-6 Grade bracket. 


When asked what initiated their idea to utilize honey in their product, Ms. Pechlada Kananta, student of Ban Nai Nhang School participating in the competition, replied that


“After ONYX Hospitality Group Foundation came to educate us, we’ve harvested a lot of honey in our school and community. We were curious and wanted to find ways on how we could use and add value to honey. With the help of our teachers, we used the Internet to do our research and found out that honey has a lot of benefits, especially in health and beauty. We consulted with our teachers and decided to make soaps out of honey. “


Also commenting on the student’s achievement, Lisa Thomas, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility of ONYX Hospitality Group said


“We are excited to see how our Plan BEE continues to successfully engage the younger generation and local community.  The creativity and hard work of Ban Nai Nhang students made us very proud to be a part of their success. From the 2 start-up hives, the school is now taking care of 30 hives and the village now hosts more than 300 hives. ONYX is committed to continue working on this meaningful project to drive sustainability with the local community and it is wonderful to see their commitment in taking it to the next level.”    


ONYX Hospitality Group has introduced a number of CSR initiatives across its four brands, each of which, in their own way, aims to help create a sustainable future. The group aligns its values and business practices with a sense of connection to the environment and giving back to local communities. Plan BEE is the one of ONYX Hospitality Group’s CSR programmes that aims to conserve native biodiversity and save the Asian honeybee (Apis Cerana) from extinction. 

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