Power Screen Powerscreen® Dual Power
Mobile Screening - Additional Screen Range


The Powerscreen® dual power option has been designed to give customers an alternative energy source to operate their range of screen equipment. Dual power screens are fitted with an electric/ hydraulic drive system that can be connected to an external electricity supply once the machine has been set-up on site.


  • In any application where Powerscreen® screens are in operation
  • Where only electricity is permitted eg underground
  • Where electricity is freely available, generated on site or cheaper than diesel
  • Complete crushing spreads are run using a stationary genset
  • Where environmental, legislative and or noise constraints are present

Features & Benefits

  • Powerscreen® dual power equipped track mobile screens retain all mobility and can be tracked and repositioned like an existing track mobile unit
  • Reduced fuel costs associated with using electricity
  • Improved machine longevity associated with reduced engine servicing
  • Lower downtime as re-fuelling is not necessary
  • Can easily be switched to run on diesel at any time

Specification Table

Dual Power option is available on mobile screening equipment. For more information contact your local dealer


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