Power Curbers and Power Paver SF-3000

The Power Paver SF-3000 is our heavy duty, high production slipform paver for use on streets, highways, and airports. At 65,000 lbs. (29,400kg) the SF-3000 has the weight and stability to handle large jobs at high production rates up to 20” (50cm) thick.

Hydraulic loading legs which extend to allow for easy loading and transport, coupled with the ability to change widths quickly, make the SF-3000 extra-productive. Like its little brother the SF-2700, the SF-3000 is simple to set-up and operate and has a choice of either electronic or hydraulic sensors.

The SF-3000 also features side forms which hydraulically widen 3”(7.6cm) and raise 3” (7.6cm) allowing the operator to back over the previous day’s pour and to start paving right off the header, eliminating gaps and blow-out and resulting in less hand work. This side form design also creates crisp, sharp pavement edges. The 18” (45.7cm) diameter auger is powered to spread large amounts of concrete entering the paving chamber.

Standard features on the SF-3000 allow for paving from 12’ (3.65m) to 27’ (8.23m) wide, with optional extensions to 32’ (9.75m) wide. Other options on the SF-3000 include keyway inserters, bar inserters, one-speed track motors and a belt finisher.

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