Power Curbers and Power Paver SF-2700

Our most popular machine, the Power Paver SF-2700 is a two-track slipform paver designed to pave between 12’ (3.65m) and 27’ (8.23m) wide. The SF-2700 is ideal for residential streets, street rehabilitation, and overlay work. Contractors love the machine’s low profile and narrow side clearance {29” (74cm)} which simplifies rehab work on cramped city streets.

The machine was designed around production and simplicity. The operator has an excellent view of all functions around the machine and its’ low center of gravity makes it easy to transport. Equipped with a choice of either electronic or hydraulic sensors, easy to mount vibrators, and without bulky side-forms, operators can focus their time paving rather than setting up.

In addition to standard road jobs, the SF-2700 can pave up to 32’ (9.75m) wide with extensions. With a paving depth of up to 16” (40.6cm) it can be used in airport work.

Standard features include a reversible auger system, split tamper bar, and hydraulic strike-off for metering concrete. Optional equipment includes keyway inserters, bar inserters, integral curb molds, and belt finisher.

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