Vittel, exported to more than 70 countries in the world, enchants consumers of all ages every year. Vittel originates from the beautiful Vosges region in France. It flows from an exceptional source at the heart of 1,200 acres of natural, untouched countryside. It starts its journey within the deep rock layers underground, acquiring its unique characteristics as it makes its way upwards to the spring. Purified by nature, Vittel has a natural balance of essential minerals. Low in sodium it is a suitable drink for everyone. Vittel special qualities aid in the elimination of toxins and play an active role in your health and vitality. Renowned for its quality it is the complement to good food and healthy living everywhere. Vittel is not only famous for its natural mineral water but also for its world renowned health & fitness spa which welcomes every year over 20,000 visitors.

Vittel (Glass Bottle) 1,000 ml.
Vittel (Glass Bottle) 500 ml.
Vittel (Pet Bottle) 1,500 ml.
Vittel (Pet Bottle) 500 ml.