La Martiniquaise

History The La Martiniquaise group has invested in high-performance production facilities at all its sites, including in France, Scotland, and Portugal. The only one of its kind in Scotland, our site at Bathgate near Edinburgh is fully integrated, with a gain distillery, ageing cellars and a bottling plant, while uses advance technology to produce up to 400,000 bottles of Blended & Single Malt Scotch Whisky every day. In the north of Scotland, in the paestigians Speyside region, the Glen McCray distillery produces acceptance malts using expertise that date back to 1897. La Martiniquaise controls the aging of its products to fully and independently ensure their quality and meet the growing demand for aged products, particularly in the Scotch Whisky, Bonbon, Rum, Port, Brandy, Caalvados, and Armagnac sectors. This allows the group’s brands to develop limited series highlighting their age.

Baita Brown Rum 70cl. 40% (Rum)
Comte de Somery 70cl. 40% (Brandy)
Forever White Rum 70cl. 40% (Rum)
Harpoon Gin 70cl. 40% (Gin)
Priskaia Vodka 70cl. 40% (Vodka)