Hugel & Fils

History One of the world's oldest family businesses. Established in 1639 and still run today by the family, Hugel has produced wines in Alsace for now 12 generations. Despite its modest size, the Hugel company enjoys a worldwide reputation. Present in practically every great restaurant in France, almost 80% of Hugel wines are exported to more than 100 countries. To emphasize the dedication to tradition, the Hugel family was a founding member of the Premium Familiar Vini (Leading Wine Families) an association of 12 family wine companies devoted to promoting the traditions of family business. Hugel & Fils produces its high-end wines from its own vineyards, and also operates a negociant business, which sources additional grapes under long-term contract from various growers. Hugel is highly export-oriented, with almost 80 percent of the wines produced being exported. Hugel & Fils does not use the Alsace Grand Cru designation for any of their wines, although most of their top wines come from Grand Cru vineyards. Instead, Hugel uses its own quality designations. Although Hugel was a pioneer in sweet Alsace wines, only wines clearly marked as late harvest wines or special cuvees have noticeable residual sugar, the wines of the regular range are always day. For wines at the Tradition level and above, Hugel typically releases the wines when they are judged to be ready for sale. Thus, at a given time, different vintages may be in distribution for wines of different grape varieties, and the sweet wines are often sold with several years of bottle age.

Hugel Gentil AOC 75cl. 12%
Hugel Gewurztraminer AOC 75cl. 13%
Hugel Pinot Blanc AOC 75cl. 13%
Hugel Riesling AOC 75cl. 12%