Donum Massenez

The winery is created by Dominique Massenez family, the man behind the success of Chateau Los Boldos, which successfully combined old French winemaking techniques with Chile’s terroir potential and ability to produce outstanding wine grapes. The vineyard is planted with un-grafted vines whose rootstocks are from France before the Phylloxera crisis in France.  In Chile, Phylloxera has never occured. This vineyard is in the same area as that of Los Boldos. Family owned winery is well-known as the sole supplier of the court of his Majesty the King of Sweden because of its exceptional spirits “Eau de Vie” in 1870, Alsace, France.


Château De M Grande Cuvee
Château De M Grande Vin
Donum Massenez : Red Assemblage
Donum Massenez Pinot Noire 75cl.
Flaviata Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva 75cl.
Flaviata Merlot Gran Reserva 75cl.
Flaviata Red Assemblage (Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Syrah) 75cl.
Château De M Grande Cuvee
Donum Massenez : White Assemblage
Donum Massenez White Assemblange 75cl.