Chateau de Laubade

History At Chateau de Laubade, we perpetuate this delicate craft. First, we distill the wines from our 270 acres (107 hectares) of vines - varieties are Ugni-Blanc, Baco, Colombard, Folle Blanche then carefully and patiently mature our own eaux-de-vie held at the Chateau in 2,600 oak barrels of 400 litre capacity. The terroir at Chateau de Laubade is that of a top growth, right in the heart of the Bas-Armagnac appellation where all the finest and noblest eaux-de-vie are produced. To enjoy our armagnacs at their best, liberate all the aromas by pouring 4 cl into a suitable glass. Then sip slowly to experience at their best the finesse and long finish of the Chateau de Laubade armagnacs.

Château De Laubade XO 70cl. 40%
Château De Laubade VSOP 70 cl. 40%