History Including among its founders Eugène Charmat, agronomist engineer and inventor of the process “second fermentation in tank”, CFGV, founded in 1909, exists since one century. Historical actor on the French sparkling wine market, CFGV is at the origin of the development of the industrialization of sparkling wine production. With more than 80 million bottles a year, CFGV is also the first French sparkling wine producer. French leader, CFGV represents more than 18 % of the total sparkling wine sales with several points in advance on the second market actor. With 3 production sites and nearly 200 employees, its fields of competences are very large and cover all the market’s segments : from ordinary sparkling wines, quality sparkling wines to the best AOC of the market. Among 4 CFGV top brands, one of which is Muscador. Those brands have solid positions on their market segment. CFGV is part of Schloss Wachenheim group, leader of the world sparkling wines market.

Montmartre Sparkling Brut 75cl. 10.5%
Muscador Sparkling Rose 12%
Muscador Sparkling White 12%